RozsaMaria: Cushion cover

I hope everyone who was in the path of Hurricane Irene has recovered and is safe and sound.  I was very lucky and never lost power, enabling me to spend Saturday night and all of Sunday sewing.  I spent most of the weekend working on Anlichan’s birthday present, but since it’s a surprise I can’t post about it until it’s finished and in her hands. In the meantime, here’s a simple project that took maybe ten minutes to complete: a cushion cover. Mama S’s sister is a big NY Giants fan, and she, her husband, and my cousin go to games several times a season.  She bought a piece of square foam and some Giants fabric and asked me to cover the foam so she can take it to games as a seat cushion.  Spending hours sitting on a cold, hard seat in a football stadium in Jersey can be pretty uncomfortable, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Foam cushion and Giants fabric

The fabric was already cut wide enough for the cushion cover, so all I had to do was line it up and cut off the excess.  Then, I turned the fabric inside out, folded it in half, and pinned the two sides, leaving the third side open.  I didn’t worry about fitting the fabric tightly, nor did I bother to iron it, in part because I’m a bit lazy but also because this cushion is meant for utility, not decoration, so a cover that’s loose and a bit wrinkled doesn’t matter.  It’ll get more wrinkled through the course of the season.

The fabric turned inside out, with the right sides pinned together

I sewed down each pinned side, snipped the corners, and turned the fabric rightside out.  I slipped the foam into the fabric cover and folded the remaining edges down.  I left enough space that I could fit the fabric under the needle without the foam interfering, but I did trim another couple of inches off the edge first.  I hadn’t measured when I was trimming the excess fabric before, and there was still some hanging off.  I found blue thread that more or less matched the shade of the fabric and sewed up the remaining edge.  Voila!  A simple, easy project. More pictures of the final step below:

Here, I've slid the foam into the fabric cover and I'm preparing to pin the open end.

The final edge of the cushion cover, pinned

Matching thread

The finished cushion - note the seam on the right edge

As it gets closer to Christmas, I’ll probably have more pillow-type posts, including one about repurposing tshirts into decorative pillow covers (which makes a great memento, as well as being a practical way to recycle old shirts).  I make a lot of pillows as presents, actually, but nothing is as easy as this!


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