Rozsamaria: More pillows, more fun!

This is my final pillow post, I promise.  I’ve finished the Christmas presents made from my grandfather’s tshirts.

I made this pillow for my dad’s sister, my aunt M.  She chose the following tshirt:

My grandpa's tshirt

The tshirt had some stains on it.  It may have been one of my grandpa’s work tshirts.

Stains on the tshirt

I had to cut the tshirt relatively close to the design in order to remove the stains, so I cut a larger piece from the back.  I sewed the top and bottom of the square I’d cut from the front to the top and bottom of the larger piece from the back and then adjusted the tube of fabric in order to center the design.

The tube of fabric, adjusted so the design will be centered

The same, from the front

I finished my pillow up.  It was simple.  I sewed up the sides, leaving an opening to insert the pillow, and then I hand-sewed the opening closed.

The finished pillow

The next pillow is for my aunt’s husband, my uncle R.  He chose a R & R railroad tshirt.  My grandpa loved trains and he had many train tshirts.

The R & R railroad tshirt

This tshirt was really simple.  The tshirt was easily the right size for a pillow cover so I didn’t have to do anything special.

Last but not least, Mama and Papa S chose an Alaska train tshirt.

The design on this tshirt was really large.  It’s a map of the Alaska railroad lines.  My biggest concern here was cutting off part of the picture.  I cut the tshirt so that the design would start at the very top of the pillow and I decided to wrap the end of the design onto the back of the pillow.

The finished pillow

The pillow from the top

The sewn pillow cover from the back, without the pillow inserted - note how the map wraps onto the back

Here’s a picture of all five completed pillows:

I hope all of my pillow posts haven’t been too repetitive.  My next post will be something new and different!


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