Spry: felty flowers (flower pins part one)

So my office building is having a craft fair in December, so I’ve shayshayed myself into the line up.

This is my big break! Or really, my test run to see if the things I’m planning on offering as wedding favors are favored at all by the general populace.

a veritable garden

Flower pins (ok there’s a heart in there too). This weekend I played with felt, but I also want to play around with other fabrics, as well as paper, and becoming more daring with my use of beads and lace. I suppose these are prototypes in a way, but they’re a strong start? (The wedding is in June, so felt might be too “stuffy” by that time… but for a holiday craft fair, why not?)

Tutorial of I found for rose-like monochromatic puffs, apparently it’s called a box-fold; also, this is actually the first time I’ve made pom-poms. If you haven’t, I certainly recommend it. This is one way of making those four/three petaled flowers I’ve got, but really it’s easier just to cut out the flower whole and pinch in the center than bothering with individual petals.


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