Spry: turtleneck to a zippy hack

A few years ago, my now-betrothed presented to me a red turtleneck. (He went on vacation to Germany, and I asked him to buy me clothes from my favorite German store, anything he thought would suit me. And he brought me back FOUR amazing sweaters. How perfect of a man is that? To actually buy me clothes?? Clearly he is the most perfect man in the world.)  I loved the turtleneck, but didn’t wear as often as I should have, because the neck was a little tight, even for a turtleneck. Slowly I began to envision a hack…

Initially the plan was to turn the sweater into a cardigan. Then I opted to make it a zippered-hoodie type sweater. Then I realized the zipper I got is for cushions, ie it doesn’t come apart at the bottom. So now it’s a… faux-zippy sweater, I suppose.

I measured the sweater from top to bottom, and acquired the appropriate length zipper. I put the sweater on and positioned the zipper appropriately, and marked w/ chalk the line I wanted. (I off-centered it to make it futuristic and chic and edgy and stuff!) Luckily this was a ribbed sweater, so the line was very easy to cut. Next I pinned down the zipper, one side at a time, using lots and lots of pins and patience, and sewed the whole thing up in a relatively straight line. (I’m sure you can also just go ahead and sew on the zipper before you cut the shirt open, and then just cut around the zipper once it’s sewn into place. That would ensure that both sides are more equal. Using a zipper foot on the machine probably would have also helped things in general, except I don’t know how to use that yet. Next time!)

The zipper is khaki/beige. I used a red thread, mainly so you can’t see the stitching on the front, but also to add some contrast to the back, which is visible when the zipper is open.

plain jane turtleneck to versatile asymmetrical zippy

I dare say I’m rather pleased with the result, although I did end up stretching one side longer than the other. I like how now I can wear it still as a functional turtleneck, but also as something a little more fun. I also like that the zipper breaks the sheer redness of the shirt up a little (altho I love red, I know it can be a bit much at times), and adds something interesting.


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