Spry: habibi out there!

A few weeks ago I participated in an office craft fair. Luckily it was not too busy at my office, so I could stay mostly at the fair. It was full of serious craft vendors (ie. jewelers), my library-counterpart at this firm, and some people with TASTY food.

Look at my set-up!

It’s two yards of fabric I clearly have not yet turned into a skirt, and various serving dishes. I’m especially pleased with how the Elan pick rainbow!!! Total spur of inspiration on that one. Utterly perfect for displaying pins.

The best sellers were Gottfried and my prototype origami earrings. My boss was my best customer.

I wore the hacked red sweater from last week, and got rather a few compliments.

There were many lovely crafters at the fair, and I was not able to escape empty handed. I sat across from Ransom Jelly (website coming over the winter). I bought so much spicy jelly as “presents,” but srsly I’m going to eat all of it myself, it was SO GOOD (apparently peppered jelly is a common Texan thing? Suddenly the prospect of moving there is more exciting). I also bought a lovely piece of jewelry from AbbyJoy. I might wear it with my wedding dress: it’s silver, tactile, and floral (like my ring!), and just lovely, and she was a lovely person as well.

So, I felt successful enough for my first mini-fair. Win!

Aaaaand these were my wares:

the felt creations
the paper creations
the thingadoos

Also a tangle of origami earrings that I made two years ago, that are really just prototypes.

It was quite fun!!


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