Anlichan’s birthday present – more pictures!

One of the stained glass windows attached to the altar piece (picture is upside down)

The "front" of the church - the altar, the two stained glass windows, and the aisle

Here's where I sewed the back of the church (pews and walls) to the front.

The walls didn’t end up lining up with the top of the pews, so I added a little extra strip of blue fabric to make it straight.  I used blue – the top blue fabric is from my Hungarian blue and white collection.  My real-life church has smaller side altars and that’s why I set off the aisles below the stained glass in different colors.  I wanted to designate that space as being separate from the main front of the church.

The fabrics for the back, next to the altar piece

The assembled back

The assembled front

Quilting pictures to come in the future!


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