Wedding quilt

We are extremely overdue for a post – about two months overdue.   We’ll try to get back on schedule at some point, but in the meantime here’s a post about a wedding quilt I made for my friend C.

I used a fan pattern – if it looks familiar, it’s because I used it to make a birthday present for Spry a few months ago.  I used blue and white Hungarian prints.  The prints are traditional but the pattern is modern and I think it came out with the right blend of pretty, classy, and modern.   To me, it matches C’s aesthetic.  (Hopefully she agrees!)

Pictures below:

Partial fans

Completed fans

Another shot of a completed fan

I arranged the fan patches, of which there were five, interspersed with other diamonds.

I used an outline of the fan pattern for my quilting on the diamonds.  Here’s the pattern laid out on one of the squares.  I used white thread to do the quilting.  Here’s a close up below, if you can see it:

The finished quilt

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