spry: paper garlands

Garlands/bunting seems to be trend possibly on the wane, but still prevalant and well, ubiquitous in the etsy-type stylish crafting crowd. I was super on the fence. I caved.

I purchased a 2″ heart punch and a 2″ scalloped round punch, as I wrote a few weeks ago. I separated my pink and yellow construction paper from the multipack, and found the LOVE-printed giftwrap scraps from my 1000 paper cranes. I went down into the laundry room and luckily found a used/free/homeless copy of Howard’s End (which I had read on my e-reader. My choices were that or Pride and Prejudice. I know that P&P is the quintessential marriage plot, and I really enjoyed it, but… I’m more of a Forster person). I got my spray adhesive. And tore the book apart.

Big paper on one side, spray glue, Howard’s End. Repeat with the next sheet, looking every now and then to see if there is a side of the page that’s more appropriate than the other (any mentios of the wedding/love/food, including “fish pie”), until the book is gone. Allow glue to dry.

Turn on TV. Get out the punches. Figure out how to squeeze in the most punches out of one sheet in a combo of hearts and rounds, scanning over the page to highlight mentions of “fish pie” when possible. Repeat until all the pages are gone.

Turn on TV/music really loud. Get out the sewing machine. If you’re up for it, use contrasting top- and bottom-thread colors. Feed the punches through, with a tiny bit of space in between, preferably either really random intervals, or more or less the same. Repeat until all the punches are gone, or you have to change bobbins.

Wrap the garlands on a canister/bottle/something. Carefully. (I fear though that this isn’t going to work as well as I hope to keep the strings untangled. We’ll see.)

I kept the rounds and hearts separate, as well as the solids and prints. Since I’m not a good eye-baller of measurements, I wasn’t sure how much yardage I would get out of the punches (although I’m sure I could figure it out with some sort of math, approximating the length of the paper, etc etc), so I was trepadatious to layer the punches together, although this gives the bunting a fuller look. But this is festive enough.


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