Spry’s wedding present – part 1

Finally!  I can post about Spry’s wedding present, now that I’ve finally given it to her.

I asked Spry awhile ago what her wedding colors were and I think she said yellow, pink, and blue.  You may recall the pink and yellow engagement present I made her in the spring.  By the time I got around to making the quilt, I decided to go with blue and yellow.  I have a lot more fabrics in consistent blue shades – Mama S’s favorite color combo is blue and yellow and I tend to buy fabric packs in those colors.  I had a large piece of fabric in a yellow, white, and black print.  (Some online fabric stores sell separate pieces of fabric to be backing for quilt kits, and sometimes I buy those because I never have enough yardage for the backing.  I usually have to piece a back and it’s much easier to have one large piece of fabric.)   I wanted to create a lattice-work effect on the front, and the yellow print was enough yardage for that and for the back.

A close-up of the yellow print

I cut diamonds (squares that I turned on point) out of different blue fabrics and sewed strips of the yellow print between them to create the window pane effect I wanted.

The diamonds, laid out on my couch

The completed quilt top, laid out on my couch

The quilt is octagonal.

My next post will show the quilting!


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