Fixing skirts

I have an annoying problem that is probably annoying for other people to hear about, which is that I have lost several pounds over the last several years and now some of my clothes are too loose.  It bothers me because I feel like it looks unprofessional, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money to have everything taken in, and I don’t necessarily have the skill to take things in myself.  I have been meaning to start going through my wardrobe for some time now, and finally one day I decided to start small, with a couple of skirts that would be easy to do.

The skirts are identical, but different colors.  They were sitting lower on my hips than they should have, which meant they felt below my knees (and made me look stumpy!).  Also, again, I don’t like my clothes to be loose in the waist or chest.

before shot – note how low the skirt sits

there’s a ton of room in the waist

The skirts are pleated and lined.  They have side zippers, so I took them in on the opposite side.  With one skirt, I pinned everything from the inside and just sewed, so the pleats don’t match up perfectly.  With the other skirt, I took in the lining and then took in the top, matching up the pleats.  That’s the blue skirt – I had blue thread that matched and I could sew the pleats on the outside of the skirt.  I apparently don’t own taupe thread, so the taupe skirt had to be sewn on the wrong side only, making matching up the pleats a complicated endeavor and one I kind of failed at.  (Also, I did the taupe one first so that was more trial and error.)  Since no one at work looks that closely at my clothing, no one will notice.  I will say that the taupe one is a bit more fitted than the blue skirt, although the blue skirt looks better.  Below see blurry photos of the process and results:

The pleats have been pinned.

This shot sort of shows how much I took in.

You can see how messy the seam is at the top, where it’s all bunched.

Success! It’s messy, but the skirt now sits just below my navel.

This shows how much of the blue I took in – also, I think you can see that it’s neater than the taupe.

Final shot of the finished blue skirt

I didn’t cut out the extra fabric because that seemed unnecessary.  The skirts are pretty full so it’s not like they’re bunchy.  I think I’ve worn at least one of them since then.  I’ll wear them more in the fall.


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