Wall hanging

I live in a studio alcove.  I have it set up so the bedroom is a separate area, with the back of my dresser facing my living room area.  When I moved in, my parents told me I should make something to cover it.  Now, over 18 months later, I have finally bothered to start something.

I bought myself a pretty kit that looks like Tiffany stained glass of pink dogwood blossoms on a green background.  I decided I need to practice my hand quilting stitches, and something for my own apartment (not a gift) is the perfect medium for that because I don’t have worry about messing up on someone else’s present.

I sewed the kit together per the instructions, but adding two strands of ribbon that I’ll use to hang it.  (I will probably end up knotting the ribbon to make it a little shorter.)  Then I pinned the kit all over and began the quilting.  I had intended to begin on the trip to Spry’s wedding, but I forgot sewing needles.  I had to wait until we got there to buy needles somewhere and then I was able to start.

I have a book of quilting stitches, which I used.  I picked some simpler ones and practiced on a piece of scrap paper.  I started with a stem stitch.  I sewed all the way around the whole edge of the outer pink border with a stem stitch.

Close up of the stem stitch – sorry it’s blurry

I’m in the process of highlighting the petals of one of the blossoms with a cable stitch.

The back – sorry if the stitches don’t show up well (and sorry the pictures are so blurry).

My book is called “The Quilter’s Stitch Bible.”  Sometimes I find the instructions a little confusing, but for the simpler stitches – with practice – I usually manage to work it out.

the page on stem stitching from my book

the page on cable stitches

Eventually I’ll finish it and hang it up and I suppose I’ll have to post another picture then.  I haven’t finished the quilting – the flower isn’t actually done, and I would like to do something on the inner pink border, and maybe a second flower.


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