thoughts on quilting

Z asked me awhile ago if sewing/quilting relaxes me, and I told him no, because I’m always bumping up against a deadline and rushing to finish things.  However, I’ve been on quite a sewing kick this last month or so and I realized that I do find it relaxing.  There’s something soothing about piecing block by block or the rhythm of hand quilting.  Lately during work hours I’ve found myself longing to go home and sit on my couch and work on Anlichan’s birthday present (which is only slightly belated so far).  I like making things for people, too – obviously, or else I wouldn’t keep doing it.

Anyway, these are just some thoughts I’ve had for awhile and I wanted to put them into a post.  I’ve got a post that will go up next week, so this is just a little side note.


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