my second quilt ever

I periodically read quilting novels by Jennifer Chiaverini (the Elm Creek Quilts series), which are a relatively quick read, and I find that reading about other people quilting keeps me in quilting mode.  Sometimes I learn things to (mostly, I learn that I do not possess the skills of most quilters and/or that I am doing things wrong).  In one of the books I read over the summer, she wrote that women used to make twelve quilts by the time they were married, and the thirteenth quilt would be a culmination of all of those skills.  I think I will have made thirteen-ish quilts by the end of this year, although I’m not in possession of most of them.  I thought I might do a quilt retrospective, of sorts, showing some of the quilts I’ve made as gifts for people.  I’ve already posted about my first-ever quilt, for my friend F.  My second quilt was for my friends J and N, who got married about six months after I finished the first quilt.  I made a log cabin quilt, because the pattern seemed relatively simple.  I used blues and reds/pinks.  Like all of my quilts, it looks very busy.  I wish I could provide more details about things like sizing – I think I used two-inch strips, but it’s been over four years and I don’t remember anymore.

I didn’t know, for example, that the centers of log cabin squares should always be red to represent the warm fire burning in the home.

Here’s the best shot I have of the full quilt.

I counted to double check, and the quilt is four rows by six rows of log cabin patches with one vertical strip and two horizontal strips in between.   There’s an outer border of dark blue.  I can’t remember what color the back is anymore.  I think it’s a solid pale yellow.

I’m not even sure how I quilted it any more.  The pictures I have don’t show enough detail.  I *think* I (hand?) quilted the center squares.  If I remember correctly, I was rather rushing to finish it before the wedding.   I thought it came out nicely, especially for my sophomore effort (as if I ever make anything that doesn’t have mistakes in it).  The colors and the pattern seemed to fit them.


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