Fabulous all-purple quilt – part I

I wanted to make a quilt for my Aunt M for her birthday.

Her favorite color is purple, so I used all purple in the quilt.  Purple fabric, purple thread for the quilting, everything.

I have a quilting book for large star quilts, called “Big One-Star Quilts by Magic” by Nancy Johnson-Srebro.   I picked out block five.  I don’t remember why I picked that one, in particular.

The block

I then chose my fabrics.  The block calls for four fabrics, but as is usually the case with my quilts I don’t have enough yardage of my fabrics, so instead I used a variety of purple fabrics.

Fabrics, sorted into coordinating piles, on my couch

The pieces for the star, cut and laid out

The pieces are rectangular – the instructions in the book said to cut rectangles and then sew them diagonally, from one corner to another, creating a rectangle with two triangles and leaving two leftover triangles.  (I used the leftovers to make patches that I will use for some future project.  I want to make a crazy quilt for myself, but I have other projects on my to-do list right now, so that will have to wait.)

The instructions from the book – in case my description wasn’t clear (only this picture is also blurry)

I made a mistake with my sewing.  You’re supposed to sew half of the pieces diagonally one way and half of them diagonally the other way, to form a star that’s a mirror image of itself.  I sewed all of them the same way, so I couldn’t make the perfectly symmetrical star.  It came out looking slightly more like a pinwheel, but it’s still pretty.

The row of star points, in identical form rather than half with the point on the left and half with the point on the right

Two star points sewn together

Not the asymmetry

Now, I will stop pointing out my mistakes and point out what I did right.  The star looks so pretty!

The completed star

The star isn’t large enough to make the size quilt I wanted.  The book has instructions for queen- and king-sized quilts, but as I said I didn’t have enough of the purple fabrics I wanted to do that, so instead I made a small quilt with a border.

I chose a simple block from my “501 Quilt Blocks” book.

I don’t seem to have taken pictures of the completed blocks prior to sewing them into the quilt top, so this will have to do.

I sewed a border around the star and then added the blocks in a new border.  I added additional rectangular pieces between the blocks and solid squares at the corners.

The completed quilt top

Next post: The quilting!


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