Wall hanging for a friend

Happy New Year!

Today’s post is about a wall hanging I made for my friend S.  Anlichan no longer holds the honor of being the only person who receives presents from me with religious imagery.  I wanted to make something special for S, something that would be meaningful for her, so I decided to make a wall hanging with a cross.  S really likes fall colors, so I picked golds and browns.  Apparently I made the distinction too subtle, as many people didn’t see the cross until it was pointed out to them.  I quilted three circles in shades of gold to represent the Holy Trinity.  I was going to use different stitches but instead I used a whipped stitch with different shades of thread.

My quilt guild had a Korean quilter and textile artist come speak to us about bojagi quilting.  A boyagi is a square cloth used to wrap things.  Boyagis are frequently pieced and quilted.  Google them and look at the cool pictures.  I was inspired by that and rather than making pieces of uniform size, I cut haphazardly and then arranged them to form small squares.  I made nine squares total, five gold (for the cross) and four brown.  I trimmed the jagged edges and made sure the squares were all the same size (six inches, I think) and sewed the squares together.

Pictures of the piecing process below.  I’m not sure I’ve explained my piecing process properly, but perhaps the pictures help.  (Probably not.)

IMG_7404 IMG_7405 IMG_7402 IMG_7401 IMG_7400 IMG_7399 IMG_7397 IMG_7396 IMG_7394 IMG_7393 IMG_7392

The nine squares, edges trimmed:


The nine blocks, assembled into a cross.


I made little loops of ribbon to serve as hangers.  I placed the top and the backing, right sides together, and pinned them and the loops in place, then sewed all the way around, leaving a space open to turn it right side out.  Then I pinned it flatted and used a soup bowl to trace the three circles, centered using the corners of the center square (give or take).  Lastly, I quilted and sewed up the opening at the bottom.

The finished piece:

IMG_7448 IMG_7449


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