Engagement quilt/Christmas present for my brother and his fiancee – part 3

Last post!  R and M’s engagement/Christmas quilt!

In my last post, I wrote about how I assembled the quilt.  Today my post is about the quilting.

I did some quilting by hand and some by machine.  Here are the threads I used:


I do not appear to have taken any pictures of the machine quilting I did.  I apologize for the oversight.  I did a crisscrossing pattern on the white border, which came out really pretty.  I used several different colors – dark green, light green, and two or three pinks, including a burgundy.  You’ll have to take my word for it.

I also quilted along the Xes – which, again, I do not appear to have taken pictures of.  I just quilted down the middle.  I used forest green thread.

I hand-quilted pairs of hearts in each center white square.    I did a whipped running stitch, with the base in forest green and the whipping in lime green.  As you can see, the hearts overlap onto the red and pink triangles.  I did my best to center them.

IMG_7419 IMG_7420

As I quilted, I snipped out the basting stitches.  I did the edges first, then the hearts by hand, then the machine quilting of the Xes last.

I had two large white blocks on opposing corners, which I saved for last.  I knew I wanted to decorate them with something special.  I found the following pretty pattern, which I outlined in a running stitch.  I did the heart in a variegated pink thread and I did the “leaves” (I thought of it as a flower with a heart in place of the blossom) in alternating forest green and lime green.



In the other corner, I embroidered R and M’s initials. I used red for him and pink for her – their favorite colors – and two little hearts in the same variegated threads.  Bonus!  This picture shows some of the crisscrossed machine quilting I did on the white border.


I used a fabric pen and wrote their names and “Christmas 2012” on the back and signed it.

I finished the initials while Papa S was picking up R from the airport for Christmas, so I cut it pretty close when it came to finishing this present.

Here are pictures of R opening the quilt:

IMG_7421IMG_7426 cropped

Yes, he immediately swathed himself in it and peered out at us from behind it, looked delightfully deranged.

I visited R and M in January and they had the quilt out on the spare bed!  I got to sleep under it.  Sorry the picture is so small – I was hoping it would show more of the machine quilting, but it does not.

Ryan and Marie's quilt

This ends the three-part series.  🙂  Look for a new project in my next post.  All I can promise is that it will be colorful.


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