wall hangings – in progress – part II

As I mentioned in my last post, my friend N gave me beautiful silk Chinese jackets to use in my projects.  I decided to use them in wall hangings.  I have two done, and two to go.  Each one has a different color scheme.  I’ve finished the green one and the pink one. I cut a rectangle out of each jacket.  I would tell you how big the rectangles are, but I can’t remember.  They’re probably not exact, anyway; silk is rather difficult to work with. I cut squares out of my Asian-style fabrics matching my color schemes.  The pink has four fabrics: one with pink mums, one with flowers on a black background, one with flowers on a cream background, and one with pink flowers that I can’t identify.  I won’t embarrass myself by guessing.

Here’s a close up:

As you can see, I alternated the pink fabrics. The green one has two alternating fabrics: flowers on a cream background and scrolls with Japanese characters on a green background.

Close ups:

I cut the silk pieces from the same jacket, or from jackets with the same pattern.  It has pink, light blue, dark blue, and green flowers.  That’s why I used it for the green and pink wall hangings. I sewed the rough edges under but I didn’t bother to finish the edges on the back, because I’m lazy and I figured no one would ever see the back. The goal – eventually – is to hang up these two wall hangings and the two I haven’t finished in a grouping on my wall.  I need to finish the other two and I’m not really in a rush because I’ve got so much else going on.   Part III of this series may be delayed for a while.  Sorry to jump around so much!  I actually did these pieces a few months ago, but right now all of my projects are presents that haven’t been given to their recipients yet, so I didn’t want to post those yet.

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