Wall hangings – Part III

I finally finished my wall hangings!

I’ve written about the largest one before, the one that doesn’t use any of the silk, but I hadn’t ever hemmed it.  So now it’s hemmed:

IMG_7706 IMG_7713

Then I put together the last two silk ones.  You’ll recall in  my previous post that I’d done a pink one and a green one.  This time I did a blue one and a blue and red one.  This will be short and sweet since putting them together is pretty straight forward and I already explained it in my last two posts.


I used the same silk print for both – it has blues and reds in it.  I used five blue prints for the all-blue one.


I used two blue prints, a red print, and a blue and red print for the last wall hanging.


Like the other silk ones, I didn’t do any quilting; I simply hemmed them.  I still haven’t hung them up, but at least they’re finally done!


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