Wedding quilt for P and J – Part II

Part 2: Machine quilting!

Once I had P and J’s quilt all assembled, I started on the machine quilting.  I wanted to quilt each pinwheel.  I used three different quilting patterns.

One: I sewed across each “pin” of the pinwheel.

Two: I sewed down the center of each equilateral triangle.

Three: I sewed around the inside of the wheel, from inner corner to inner corner.

I used a teal thread on all of them, I think, although it shows up slightly darker in some of the pictures.  I made some kind of pattern with the three different styles of quilting but I don’t remember what the pattern was.  Here’s a bunch of pictures of the machine quilting:

Here’s the fabric I used for the back:

I think it’s beautiful.  You can sort of see the way the quilting shows up on the back.

Next time I’ll cover the hand quilting!

One thought on “Wedding quilt for P and J – Part II

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