Doll quilts – Part II

As I mentioned in my last post, my quilt guild is collecting doll quilts for Childhelp, a charity that gives dolls and teddy bears to children who’ve been abused.  Here’s the link:

I made two more doll quilt tops using additional leftover strips from P and J’s quilt.

As you may remember, to make the pinwheels for their quilt I sewed together strips of blue and green prints.  I ended up with extras.


I cut the strips into squares, and arranged the blocks in a three by four layout.  Once again, I was a couple of blocks short of enough to make two full quilt tops, so I cut extra squares from the same blue and white print I used in the other quilt tops.


Here are the finished quilt tops:

IMG_7782 IMG_7784

The tops are approximately 16.5″ wide by 22″ long.  As I mentioned last time, I didn’t assemble the quilts or do any quilting.

Next time: another doll quilt!

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