Doll quilts – Part III

As I mentioned in my last two posts, my quilt guild is collecting doll quilts for Childhelp, a charity that gives dolls and teddy bears to children who’ve been abused.  Here’s the link:

This post is a change of pace, in that I used scraps from projects other than P and J’s wedding present, and I didn’t use the same block patterns that I had for the other doll quilt tops I’ve featured.

I decided I wanted a blue and yellow quilt top.  I used leftover blue scraps from the shawl I made my grandmother, and leftover yellow scraps from Spry’s wedding quilt and a project that’s in progress.

I have a set of wooden triangles for tracing pieces, and I used one to trace triangles in my chosen fabrics.  I then arranged them in a pattern that I wanted and sewed the triangles together in pairs.  Below are the pairs, laid out in their places so I didn’t lose my pattern.

Here are all the triangle pairs, ironed flat and laid out:


You may recognize the yellow, white, and black print from Y’s wedding quilt.  I had them laid out so that I had a square with the yellow/black/white print on the outer edges alternating with a square with yellow prints on the outer edges, and then yellows and blues alternating on the insides of the squares, except one corner has all blues in the center.  In retrospect, I wish I had made done all of the squares like that, with more uniform color in the center, and I’m not quite sure why I didn’t.  I think that one looks prettiest and now there’s no symmetry – the corner is just different.

It’s too late now.  I think the top came out cute, regardless:


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