Quilt for me! – Part I

I am making myself a comforter.  I have wanted to make myself a comforter for months, if not a year.  The comforter I currently use is a decade old, and I want something that my parents didn’t buy me when I want to college.

My love of polka dots has, I believe, been documented on this blog.  If it has not, then let me state it here, unequivocally: I LOVE POLKA DOTS.  I love anything with polka dots.  The amount of polka dot clothing I own is far above average.  The amount of polka dot fabric I have bought is, likewise, extensive.  I decided I wanted to make myself a comforter with polka dots.  (Again, I made this decision months ago; I’m only just getting to it now.  In my defense, I made four quilts this year and I moved.)  I also wanted to practice my curved piecing, because I figured if I practiced on something for myself I could make mistakes and improve before I used curved piecing on presents.  I chose the Drunkard’s Path pattern for that very reason.  Probably a Drunkard’s Path quilt made all of polka dots will make other people feel drunk when they look at it but I don’t care.

I have bought polka dot fabrics purposely for this quilt, specifically a white print with tiny lavender dots and a yellow print with large white dots.  (Actually, I think I already had the yellow, now that I think about it.)  The yellow will be the backing.  The white print will be the base for my Drunkard’s Path patches, and the other half of each patch will be some polka dot print.


I’m not sure you can tell from this picture that the polka dots are lavender.  I’m not completely sure my camera is 100% true to color.

I have so many polka dot prints to choose from that I won’t even be using all of them in this quilt.  I’m not joking; I cut out 96 6″ squares from 24 different fabrics, and a couple of days later I found more polka dot fabrics I hadn’t touched.

Here are all the fabrics:

IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0989 IMG_0988 IMG_0987 IMG_0986 IMG_0985

The plan is to cut each square on a curve, like below:

drunkard's path

I am planning to just use a plate to trace the curve, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I will cut 96 6″ squares from the white print with the lavender dots and also cut them along the same curve, then mix and match.

Updates will come in the future!


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