Dog pillows

So, I made dog pillows.  They are pillows.  For dogs.  I made them for a local shelter.  I do not have good pictures of them because, probably, soon after I made them I packed up all of my fabric and moved and I forgot to take pictures of them.  So you only get to see in-progress photos.  Also, I made three, but I only have pictures for two.  Sorry!  (The third one was super weirdly shaped and lumpy and probably only the tiniest of dogs could actually sit on it, anyway, so you aren’t missing anything.)

I was replacing my bedroom pillows, so I decided to use them for a good purpose rather than throwing them away.  I cut fabric into strips and sewed the strips together to make pillowcases of sorts.  I made the “pillowcases” longer than the pillows so that I could then sew up the open fourth side with the pillow inside.

The third pillow is made out of sweatshirt scraps and stuffed with scraps of batting and other random pieces.  It came out really weirdly shaped.  There are no pictures, and that’s probably for the best.

My parents have a neighbor who works at an animal shelter, and she said they also need pillows for large dogs, so I may be making a large pillow at some point.


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