Doll quilts – Part V

Happy first Sunday of Advent!  Welcome to my blog Advent calendar.  I’ll be posting every day of Advent.

My quilt guild is still finishing up the doll quilts for Childhelp, a charity that gives dolls and teddy bears to children who’ve been abused.  Here’s the link:

At our September meeting they had little bundles that people could take home and put together.  I picked up two bundles.  Here’s the first:

IMG_1015 IMG_1017

It came with square patches, a deep pink border, batting, and backing.  I picked it because I thought the batting fabric was really cute.


I really think that fabric is adorable.

I laid out the square patches in a pattern I liked:


The dark pink patches, weirdly, were about half an inch larger than all the other patches.  I had to trim them.

Here the patches are, with the border:


I sewed the top together.


Then I layered the batting, the backing, and the top together.  I love doing small quilts because it’s so easy to assemble them.  I put the batting flat, then added the backing fabric on top, right side up.  Lastly, I added the quilt top, right side facing down.


I pinned around the edges and sewed around, leaving an opening.


Then I turned the quilt right side out.


I sewed up that opening with matching thread.

The quilt pack also came with pink yarn.  Maybe it was for cording?  I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just left it.


Next week: the quilting!

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