Doll quilts – Part VI

We’re developing quite the epic saga of doll quilts, aren’t we?

As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, my quilt guild is collecting doll quilts for Childhelp, a charity that gives dolls and teddy bears to children who’ve been abused.  Here’s the link:  My guild gave out little bundles to be assembled by the members.

Last week we left off with the doll quilt assembled and ready for quilting.  Now, the quilting!

First I chose the pattern I wanted.  (Note: This is from the 501 Quilting Motifs book again – you’ll be seeing it a lot from now on.)


Then I picked the threads I wanted.  I chose colors that matched the prints in the fabric.


Here is where I made my mistake:  The colors matched too closely.  I should have used threads with greater contrast.  I picked a really pretty pattern and it doesn’t show up clearly.


The quilt is made of 16 squares.  I treated them like four blocks of four and centered each flower in the center of the “block.”  The flowers are quilted with deep pink and either pale pink or purple, and a mint green for the leaves.

By the time I was done quilting, I realized that the flowers blending in more than I had pictured.  I decided to add more quilting.  I quilted a vine with little leaves and buds that meandered all the way around the quilt, from one corner to the opposite corner.

IMG_1068 IMG_1067IMG_1084

Here’s the finished quilt:


I think it’s cute.  I wish I had quilted the flowers differently, but I like the overall effect.


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