Doll quilts – Part VII

We’re moving into the final part of my doll quilt saga, at least for now.  My quilt guild is collecting doll quilts for Childhelp, a charity that gives dolls and teddy bears to children who’ve been abused.  Here’s the link:  My guild gave out little bundles to be assembled by the members.

I picked up a bundle based on this cute fabric:


Don’t you love it?  The cats are adorable.

I was delighted to open up my bundle and see this:


This is one of the quilt tops I had made and donated over the summer.  I was so excited to get it back, and I love the way the green cat fabric they chose for the border and backing.  It matches so well.

The kit came with strips for the border, which I sewed to the edges:

IMG_1013 IMG_1045

I used the same method to assemble this doll quilt as the previous one.  I layered the batting, then the backing facing up, and then the top face down.  Then I pinned and sewed around the edges, leaving an opening, and afterward I turned it right side out.

IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1051

I sewed the opening closed with matching thread.

Next week: the quilting!


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