Baby quilt for N and J – Part I

My friends N and J had their second baby girl in October.  Yay!

The second quilt I ever made was for N and J’s wedding.  One of the first baby quilts I ever made (maybe the first?  or the second?) was a quilt for N and J’s baby C.  They are now in possession of three Rozsamaria originals.  🙂

Here are links to my posts on the other two quilts:

(Side note: Per the above post, I promised to write a post about a runner I made for my parents and I don’t think I ever did that.   Perhaps that will have to be an Advent post…)

For their new baby, N (I’ll call her Baby!N to differentiate between her and her mother, N), I wanted to use this quilt book: “Big One-Star Quilts by Magic” by Nancy Johnson-Srebro.  You’ll recall that I used that to make a quilt for my aunt M:

(This post is filling up with links already!)

N doesn’t like all-pink for girls.  (The quilt I made for their first baby, C, has a windowpane pattern using a yellow banana print as a base, with squares in primary colors and blue and yellow flannels for borders.  I love the banana print.  I have very little of it left now, several years later, but I wanted very much to use a piece of it in the new quilt for baby N.) I spent some time thinking about a color scheme and I finally decided on green, purple, and yellow.

Here are all the cut pieces:


Look at the bottom left hand corner at the small piece of yellow fabric on top of the green piece.  I don’t know if you can tell this in the picture (I suspect you can’t) but it’s the banana print fabric that I used to make the window panes in C’s quilt.

Tomorrow: the sewing!

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