Baby quilt for N and J – Part II

Today: the sewing!

The star quilt book instructions say to cut rectangles, and then sew the rectangles together on a diagonal.  Then, you end up with a lot of leftover fabric, which allows for extra projects (like doll quilts:

I would sew along the diagonal, as direction, and then sew a second seam approximately an inch to the side of the leftover fabric.  Then I cut between the seams.  This way, I had my excess fabric all sewn together for future projects.  I pressed the seams and then I pressed them open.

IMG_7725 IMG_7726

The excess pieces:

I didn’t take a picture of them pressed open.

Here are some chaotic pictures of the partially-assembled blocks laid out on my couch:

IMG_7730 IMG_7729 IMG_7728

The star is made of eight rectangles that get sewn together on a diagonal to make the four quarters of the quilt.  What you see above isn’t even the eight finished rectangles.  I had simply piled up the pieces that went into each rectangle.

Here’s a picture of two parts of a rectangle pinned together to be sewn on the diagonal:


I think the picture is too faint to see where I traced the diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

The pictures below shows the two seams after they’ve been sewn, from both sides of the rectangle.



Tomorrow: assembling the quilt top!



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