Baby quilt for N and J – Part III

Assembling the quilt top!

In the last post, I showed you the pieces and explained how you sew them on the diagonal.  So I ended up with eight rectangles, which get sewn together on the diagonal to create four squares, the four pieces of the quilt.  Each rectangle will form a point of the star.

Here are the pieces.  In the top two pictures, the rectangles have been sewn together – you can see the seam running through the yellow squares, which will be the corners of the quilt.  In the bottom two pictures, you can see very large yellow rectangles.  When those are sewn together on the diagonal, a lot of that yellow will get cut off.  I am afraid I’m not explaining this well, so I recommend referring to the book.  It has diagrams.


IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7737

When I had my four large squares, I sewed them together to finally make my star top.  I think this is the best picture of it.


How cool does the star look?  The center is shades of purple (they might look a little blue-ish in the picture, but they’re purple) with points made of yellow, green, and purple diamonds, on a yellow background.  As always, I have a mix of prints.  There’s that banana print I mentioned – it’s in the top left point.  Maybe I’ll work in a close up when I cover the quilting.

Tomorrow: quilt assembly!


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