Baby quilt for N and J – Part IV

First of all, happy second Sunday of Advent!  Did the first week fly by or what?

I said that today we would cover the quilt assembly for Baby!N’s quilt, but that was a lie, because apparently I have no pictures of that.  I actually made this quilt months ago, by the way.  I know Baby!N was due in the fall and I also knew that I would be moving, so I put together the whole quilt top in June.  I don’t even remember when I did the quilt assembly – maybe July 4th weekend?  Definitely on my parents’ ping-pong table.  Normally I’m good about taking pictures, but in this case I failed.

Since I don’t have quilt assembly pictures, I’ll talk about the machine quilting instead.

I can tell you that I wanted a rainbow kind of backing fabric.  I had rainbow striped wrapping paper – with wide stripes – and I thought that it would make a cute quilt back, so that’s what I wanted.  As luck would have it, at my quilt guild they bring in vendors and at one of the spring meetings the vendor had fabric just like that.  So that’s what I bought.

IMG_7764It’s pretty, right?

I machine quilted the center of the star.  I made a geometric design, using a ruler and silver pencil to mark out the lines.   You can see the lines in the picture below.



Here are some close ups of the design:

IMG_7754 IMG_7755 IMG_7756


I used purple thread for the quilting.  Here’s the center:



Here’s a shot of the full design:



How cool does that look?  I love how it came out.

More close ups:

IMG_7758 IMG_7760


I’m so happy with the way the quilting came out.  With a design like this, there’s a risk that it could end up overdesigned, and I do sometimes fall into that trap, but I think in this case I hit the perfect balance.

Tomorrow: the hand quilting.

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