Quilt for Z – Part III

More quilting!

I decided to quilt fifty stars on the quilt, for the fifty states and the fifty stars on the United States flag that represent the stars.  I thought Z would appreciate that.

I finally bought myself template plastic.  I traced a five-pointed star out of my hand-quilting motifs book onto the template plastic and then I used that to trace the stars onto the quilt.

I put the stars in two places: I put some in the centers of the large red squares (16) and I put the rest on the inner blue border (34).  On the inner blue border, I wanted it to be symmetrical, so I had 9 stars each on the top and the bottom (18) and eight stars on each side (16).  Here’s a picture of stars on the blue border:


See the inner border – it’s made of two shades of solid blue fabric, a royal blue and a lighter blue.  My phone doesn’t take completely true to color photos, so the two shades show up properly in the top picture above with the two stars, but not the picture below it with the row of stars.

I traced all the stars so that they faced the top of the quilt.  I quilted the stars on the blue border with white thread.

On the bottom of the quilt, I accidentally traced the stars upside down and then had to fix it:


I need to figure out how to get the silver marking pencil off of the quilt before I gift it.  Normally I don’t mind if the lines are still a little visible, but this is pretty bad.

Here are the stars as they show up on the back:


Tomorrow: more stars!

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