Quilt for Z – Part IV

More stars!

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to quilt 50 stars on Z’s quilt.  I quilted sixteen of them on the large red squares in the Storms at Sea blocks, and the rest went on the blue border, which I posted about yesterday.

Just like the other stars, I traced my star template onto each red square.

I started to quilt the stars in white thread, like I did on the blue border, but the white thread blended into the red and white prints in the squares. I switched to a royal blue thread instead:



I think it’s hard to see the stars in the second picture, but each large square has a star quilted in the center.

These stars don’t show up on the back, because the thread blends in:

IMG_1179 IMG_1180


(P.S.  It really bothers me that my pictures aren’t coming out true to color, but that’s the issue with phone pictures, I guess.)

Here’s pictures of the border.  You can see that the corners are still blank:

IMG_1184 IMG_1163 IMG_1165

Tomorrow: quilting the rest of the inner border!


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