Quilt for Z – Part V

More quilting!

I still had blank spaces on the inner blue border.  I had originally intended to quilt waves in that space, to match my nautical theme.  There’s a nice wave pattern in my hand-quilting motifs, and I was going to quilt the waves with the same royal blue thread I’d used on the stars on the red squares, with maybe white thread to make the caps of the waves.  (Fancy, right?)

However, I thought about it, and I thought I would end up having waves going in different directions on the quilt, which I didn’t want.  I wanted everything to be symmetrical.  So, I decided against the waves.  It might have been TOO thematic, anyway.

I had wanted something with sashiko.  I thought the waves would look nice with sashiko quilting, but once I decided against the waves I still wanted to stick with sashiko.  I mulled over different geometric designs and patterns.  I thought I would do something similar to what I did on the baby quilt for my friend N’s son, with the crisscrossing lines.  (https://habibihomemade.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/baby-quilt-for-my-friend-n/)

When I started to trace it out on the border, I realized the border was too narrow.  Instead of doing the whole border, I traced an inch at the center of the border, going around the corner, with crisscrossing lines at one-inch intervals.

IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1192

I tried quilting it with the royal blue thread, and there wasn’t enough contrast.


I took the thread out and started over with white thread instead.


I learned, in the course of doing this, that the borders weren’t all even in length.  I don’t think Z will mind.


I left a space open when I went around the corner to make a pretty design:


It looks really cool, doesn’t it?

Pictures of it from the back
IMG_1206 IMG_1205

This hand quilting is actually the last piece of quilting I did on the quilt.  All that’s left is the quilt tag.  However, I haven’t posted about the last machine quilting I did, so I’ll post about that tomorrow.


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