Quilt for Z – Part VI

I wanted to do some machine quilting on the Storms at Sea quilt blocks to hold the center of the quilt together better.  I wasn’t sure the 16 stars would be sufficient.

I decided to quilt on the diamonds.  I thought I would do a lens shape. (I had to Google it to figure out what the shape is called, and per Wikipedia it’s called a “lens.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_(geometry))  I used my template plastic again.  I figured if I were going to do the diamonds, I should do the little squares, too.



I quilted the lens shapes in the royal blue thread I’d used elsewhere.  I quilted them so that the lens shapes overlapped on the red squares.IMG_1212 cropped



It doesn’t really show up on the back, because I used the blue thread.  (By contrast, the quilting on the borders shows up really well.)


So here is what I have learned from all of my machine quilting of curved lines on this quilt: I can do it, but I struggle when it requires tight curves.  The design that came out best was the design on the outermost border, which had larger curves and then corners.  Everything else I did had tighter curves in shorter distances, and I struggled.  In a lot of places it looks kind of messy.  In the future, I won’t choose curved designs where I have to maneuver the quilt a lot in a short distance.  Also, having a lot of seams messed me up in some places.  Lessons learned!


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