Runner for my parents – Updated

Happy third week of Advent!  Today is Gaudete Sunday.  Gaudete is Latin for “Rejoice!”   If you have an Advent wreath, which the Catholic Church uses to mark the passage of the Advent season, the first two and the fourth weeks are purple candles, but the third week is a pink candle.  Purple is for waiting but pink is for joy.  Let’s be joyful this week!

Here’s the long-overdue post featuring the non-Christmas runner I made for my parents.  (Rejoice!  I’ve finally posted.  I say non-Christmas runner because I’ve made two Christmas runners for my mother, as well.)  I made it a few years ago, at my mother’s request.  She consulted with the fabric choices to match her living room decor, but she said I could pick the pattern.

Funnily enough, and I had forgotten about this, I picked the Storms at Sea pattern, the same one I used for Z’s quilt.  The “Quilt-Lovers’ Favorites” book offers variations of the same pattern as a wall quilt and a table runner, and I followed the table runner directions, more or less.  I made it longer and I did a different border.

Here’s the top:

I used squares for the border, rather than a solid border.  As you can see, I used neutral prints to match my parents’ living room – I have golds and browns and beiges.

Here’s the back:

For the quilting, I did champagne bubbles.  Champagne bubbles means quilting circles, basically.  I traced a glass on one of those cardstock mailers and then I traced around that.  I tried to center the circles at the intersections of seams.  They overlapped slightly.

I used gold thread.  It shows up really nicely on the back.

They aren’t perfect circles, of course – I’m working on that.  My mom likes the runner and she uses it most months of the year.

UPDATE: If you feel like you’ve seen this before, you very well may have.  I posted about it back in 2011, but I forgot.  I only figured out the duplication when I started tagging all of my posts.  Oops!  If you haven’t seen the first post and you’re curious, here’s the link:


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