Pot Holders – Part IV

This is truly the week of pot holders.  Today I’m featuring the pot holders I made for my brother R and his fiancee M.  You may recognize the fabric – I used it to make napkins for Anlichan’s brother and his wife when they got married back in the spring.  (https://habibihomemade.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/wedding-present-for-anlichans-brother/) I’m reusing it here because a) it’s beautiful fabric and b) M has a very sophisticated, classic decorating style and I think this fabric matches that.  You may also note that this fabric is the same as one of Aunt M’s fabrics but in a cream/red palette instead of a cream/purple palette.

First, the fabric:

Like I said, gorgeous.  I love it.  I wish I had more.  🙂

I made my sandwiches:

I marked them for quilting using silver pencil.  I used the same crisscrossing geometric pattern I’d used for Aunt M’s pot holders – basically, I drew a square one inch from the edge.  Then I drew diagonal lines from corner to corner.  Then, I drew lines parallel to each corner-to-corner diagonal, two inches apart.  That created the crisscross.

I quilted with a cream colored thread.

Here’s a picture of the partial quilting:

Here’s one of the pot holders, completely quilted:

I had to do a little more work to make my straps because the fabric I had leftover wasn’t wide enough.  I had to sew together two narrower strips to make one strip that was sufficiently wide enough.  These are the finished strips, ready to be sewn again lengthwise to form the straps on the pot holders.

Here’s a finished pot holder:


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