Pillow for Roomate J

We’ve got a change of pace today – no more pot holders.  Today I’m writing about the pillow I made for my roommate J for Christmas.  J is a high school teacher and she has a student who likes to come into the classroom and say “This class is poppin’!”  J and I were joking that it should be on a pillow, and then I said “I’ll make you a pillow with that on it for Christmas!”  (A week or so later I checked with her to confirm that she did, in fact, actually want a pillow for Christmas, just in case.)  I asked J if she had color preferences and she said yellow so it would “pop.”  I chose purple fabric and embroidered it in yellow.  J also approved the fabric choice.  Since she already knew what she was getting, it made sense to make sure she liked everything.

My original image of the pillow was a cross stitch-style motto, like old fashioned pillows.  However, I’ve never done cross stitch before and I didn’t trust myself to make nice, neat little crosses.  I was afraid it would look messy, so I abandoned that and did one of my regular stitches.

I traced out the letters first and then I embroidered the front piece of fabric.

Once I finished the embroidery, I pinned the front and back pieces together.

I left a gap when I sewed around the edge, but it wasn’t a wide enough gap to push the pillow through.  I ended up having to rip out a couple more inches.

I sewed the gap closed one my machine with purple thread.

The finished product:

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