Wine bags

I made two wine bags for my parents for Christmas.  Z is giving them wine and I thought it would be nice to make special bags for them.  I had bought wine-themed fabric, originally to make them an apron (my parents only have two aprons at their house, which isn’t enough for the whole family when we’re doing a lot of cooking).  I have plenty of the fabric left, so I may still do that.

I measured a wine bottle and estimate the size of the wine bags based on that, plus the sizes of wine bags listed for sale online.  I wasn’t sure quite how to make the space at the top for the ribbon, and I ended up making each bag slightly differently.

For the first bag, I folded the fabric in half lengthwise and sewed it closed on two sizes, leaving one short side open.

Then, I folded over the edges of the open end and pinned.  I sewed the edges down, leaving a gap open where I could thread the ribbon through.

For the other bag, I made the space for the ribbon first.

Then, I folded the material in half lengthwise and I sewed along the bottom and the long edge.  I sewed up to but not over the folded-over fabric on the top.  (If I’d sewn all the way up, I’d have sewn over the opening for the ribbon.)

In the first case, the ribbon has to be threaded through the inside of the bag, and in the second case, there are rough edges where the ribbon comes out on top.  Either way, it’s not a perfect solution.  (What I could have done was cut the pieces wider and then folded each long edge in about an inch, sewn it down, then sewn over the top edge, and then sewn the long edges and the bottom together.  That would have been an extra step and would have required more forethought.)  I threaded green ribbon through the top of each wine bag and then I was done.

It’s Christmas Eve, and our Advent calendar is now over.  I hope you enjoyed my daily posts.  Toward the end of the month – when things got the most hectic – they were admittedly a bit time consuming, but overall it was fun and I think I’ll miss going back to weekly posts.  With that in mind, I’ll have one more post tomorrow for Christmas Day, just for the fun of it.


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