Stocking for J

Merry Christmas!  This is my bonus post.  I decided to make a stocking for my roommate J because I had hung one up and I thought she should have one, too.  I used the same pattern I’d used to make the charity stockings – I saved the pattern my quilt guild had given me.  I chose poinsettia fabric and traced the stocking onto the fabric.

I used a little scrap to make the hanger.

I folded down the top edge of each stocking piece and sewed it to hide the rough edges.

I didn’t bother adding decorative ribbon like I had on the charity stockings, so this time around the assembly went even faster.  I just sewed the two sides together, with the hanger pinned at one corner, and I had a stocking.

J was delighted with the fabric and hung the stocking up on her door.

Thank you for joining me on my Advent calendar blog post adventure.  Come back next Tuesday for my regular posting schedule – I’ll be featuring the polka dot quilt I’m making for myself.


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