Quilt for me! – Part IV

Today we return to the polka dot comforter I’m making for myself.  I had neglected it for some time in order to finish Christmas presents and Z’s quilt, but I’d hoped to get the whole top done before Christmas.  Sadly, I didn’t manage it.  However, I made considerable progress in top assembly, some of which I’ll show today.

When you saw the quilt last, it was October and I was still plodding away at assembling each block.  The curved piecing took longer to pin and has to be sewn at slower speed.  Plus, I was making 192 blocks.  I finally managed to make all the blocks – in fact, I made too many and I had to take some out.

Here are the finished blocks, organized by color:

The next step was to lay them out the way I wanted.  I had a lot of design possibilities, some of which I had drawn out for myself.  That’s the nice thing about the Drunkard’s Path pattern – there are a lot of different visual effects you can create.

I eventually settled on this one, where the blocks alternate directions.

I also wanted to slowly progress through the color spectrum, and so it took awhile for me to arrange all the blocks the way I wanted.  I know I made one mistake in the layout, but I figured it out way too late to deal with it, so it’ll be in there.  (By the time I figured it out, I was ready to start sewing and I didn’t want to spend more time rearranging everything.)

I started with the black polka dot print, then the colors on white, then purple, blue, green, through the spectrum to pink and red at the opposite corner.

As you can see, they’re alternating in direction and in light/dark (except in the far right corner of the bottom row and the far right corner of the top row, which are the two that I messed up).

It looks pretty cool, right?  I tried to also mix up the colors a bit as I progressed through the spectrum, and I tried not to put too many blocks of the same shade next to each other.

Next week I’ll show the assembly.  Enjoy your New Year’s Eve, however you choose to celebrate it, and may the coming year be full of joy, color, and fabric! 🙂


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