Quilt for Me! – Part V

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s (and Christmas, if you celebrate it).  Mine was lovely.  I found myself missing my daily posts, even though the schedule became difficult to maintain towards the end of Advent, when I could barely stay on top of everything I had to do before Christmas even without the blog.  It’s nice to relax a bit now that the holidays are over.

When we left off, I had designed the layout for my quilt, but I hadn’t put it together.  Assembling the whole top was one of the tasks I’d hoped to finish before Christmas, but it fell by the wayside.  I started and I got about three rows sewn together before I had to stop.  I stacked the blocks by row and pinned each row together with a number designating which row it was, so I wouldn’t have to recreate my design when I got home.  I knew I’d never get it the same way again.

When I had a free couple of days at my parents’ house after Christmas, I made good use of my mother’s superior sewing set up (which I’ve praised and envied in posts before).  I laid out each row and sewed the blocks, one row at a time.  I then re-pinned the little numbers so I could assemble them all into the quilt top in the end.  I didn’t want to deal with any confusion.

I had a little trouble with the blocks not matching up properly – I had to line them up carefully when I sewed them together.  I guess if I’d traced my Drunkard’s Path templates properly for both halves of each block, they would have matched up better when I pinned them.  Lesson learned!

See how there are bits hanging off the edges?

Here are all the blocks assembled:

I had Googled twin comforter sizes before I started, so I knew I was aiming for a 66″ by 88″ quilt top.  It came out smaller, more like 60″ by 80″.  I believe that’s because the blocks didn’t match up, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, so each block was slightly smaller than I’d expected.  I’d assumed that the 6″ fabric pieces I’d started with would produce 5.5″ blocks, but due to the curved piecing the blocks were closer to 5″ square.  By the time I was finishing the quilt top, I had anticipated that issue and I was already planning to add a border, using my backing fabric.  I knew I had more than enough fabric to do that.

I cut 4.5″ strips and added my border.

Next week, I’ll talk about assembling the quilt and some of the quilting.


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