Quilt for Me! – Part VI

As I mentioned last week, I finished the quilt top at my parents’ house (not my usual habit).  Then, I put the quilt together there (like I prefer to do).

I had bought three large pieces of fabric for the backing, all in the same print (white polka dots on yellow).  By the time I took it out, it was quite wrinkled, but my mother taught me a trick: fold the fabric in half and iron it that way, then touch up the crease as needed.  It was so much easier than trying to maneuver a huge piece of fabric on the ironing board.

I laid down the backing, the batting, and the quilt top on the ping pong table.

I loosely basted the layers together and pinned the edges.

Here’s a nice shot of the quilt:

I finished the edges on the machine with yellow thread and then commenced the quilting.  I decided to try stippling, which I’ve never done before.  I used the yellow thread again.

I don’t know how people do all-over stippling that’s really close together.  I made a point to hit every block at least once, but I couldn’t do it close together and I still had trouble sometimes maintaining a smooth curve.  I think I need to practice more on small things, like doll quilts.  I was pleased with the effect but I would like to do it better.  (In the above picture, I hadn’t cut out the basting thread yet – I hope that’s not too distracting.)  Here’s a picture of the finished stippling, but I think it’s harder to see:

Next time I’ll post about the rest of the machine quilting.

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