Quilt for Me! – Part VII

The final machine quilting I did was on the border.  I had thought about it for some time and what I envisioned was reflecting half circles, on the border and on the blocks adjacent to the border.

I had to do some math to figure out how to trace my semi-circle – drawing is not my strong point.  I used scrap paper and worked on it until I had the shape I wanted.  I finally figured out that I wanted a semi-circle of 4.75″ wide and 2″ high.  I didn’t know how to get a smooth curve, but I was using lined paper, and finally I marked out incremental dots on the paper along each line and I got a nice circle.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but it worked well.  I traced my circle onto my template plastic.

I started with green thread on the blocks along the edge.  I traced the template onto each block.   I’m not sure how well it shows up in the picture.

I traced the circles so they overlapped at the corner.

I only pinned where I needed to, to keep the fabric as flat as possible, because it’s still bunchy and puffy.

After I sewed those semi-circles with the green thread, I traced the first set of semi-circles on the border and sewed them with blue thread.  I traced a second set of semi-circles on the border.

I sewed the second set of semi-circles on the border with pink thread.  I chose pink and blue for the border to contrast best with the yellow.

I had originally planned to add a second set of semi-circles on the inner blocks with purple thread, and I decided against it.  I liked the way the green thread looked so much that I almost didn’t do the circles on the border, but I wanted to practice my curved sewing.

Here’s the way it looks on the back:

I love the effect of the two semi-circles meeting to form a circle.  I don’t know if I would have liked it even better with the purple reflecting the pink, but I was satisfied with it.  I was ready to finish the quilting by this point anyway.

Next time: the hand quilting!

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