Quilt for Me! – Part VIII

Time for hand quilting!  I had considered doing champagne bubbles all over the quilt, but I ended up just doing ten or 12 large circles. I took a dinner plate and traced it to make each circle.  I centered the plate over clusters of matching fabrics (all pinks or all yellows) and chose matching or coordinating threads.

Here’s the finished quilt:

I love the quilt.  It’s lighter than my old comforter, so it’ll be perfect for summer but it’s not really warm enough for winter (especially not this winter!) – so my plan is to make myself a second quilt.  By the time that’s done, winter will probably be over, but I can save it for next winter.  In the meantime, I’ve just been using extra blankets.


7 thoughts on “Quilt for Me! – Part VIII

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