Drunkard’s Path doll quilt – Part I

My quilt guild collects doll quilts for the following charity: http://www.emergencydolldispatch.org/donate.html. They give dolls to children who’ve been abused and they like to give a quilt with each doll.  It’s a very worthwhile cause.

It almost seems inappropriate to make a doll quilt out of a pattern called Drunkard’s Path, doesn’t it?  I chose sixteen leftover patches from my quilt that sort of matched each other: orange, red, green, and blue.  I arranged them in a way that pleased me:

Then I sewed the strips into the quilt top:

I LOVE this and I would have liked to simply leave it as is, but it was only 20″ square.  I picked out a red print with white cherries, but I was afraid it looked busy and J (my roommate) concurred that it was way too busy for the lovely simple pattern.  After some consideration, I decided to use the white polka dot print in the patches as a border; J agreed that it would be much cleaner.

I pieced a back using two red prints (which, if I remember correctly, are from a 30s reproduction collection I bought at some point, but I could be wrong about that).

Here’s the assembled quilt top, pinned and ready for quilting.

Next week I’ll cover the quilting.


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