Drunkard’s Path doll quilt – Part II

My quilt guild collects doll quilts for the following charity: http://www.emergencydolldispatch.org/donate.html. They give dolls to children who’ve been abused and they like to give a quilt with each doll.  It’s a very worthwhile cause.

This week I’ll cover the quilting of the doll quilt.  I quilted it the same way I’d quilted my bedspread, with circles traced using a plate as a pattern.

As you can see, I made four circles, one at the center of each color block.  I used white thread.  I thought that would give me the cleanest look.

Here’s what the quilting looks like on the back:

The bottom right corner seems really puffy, which I guess means I did a poor job of pinning it flat, but that’s not  unusual for me.

Next week we’ll have a change of pace from the doll quilts.  I have a couple of in-progress quilts to post about, one for myself and one for a coworker.

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