Hunter’s Star Quilt – Part I

I’m moving away from doll quilts, possibly for some time, although I hope to keep making them with my scraps.  I have a couple of quilts I’m working on now – both works in progress, one more so than the other – that I’ll be blogging about for the next month or two.  First on the list is a hunter’s star quilt.

I went to a quilt show last year with my mother and my aunt and fell in love with a quilt in blue, white, and yellow.  It looked like it had little white and yellow stars at the centers of blue and white squares.  I’d never seen anything like it and I took a picture, thinking that one day I might be able to make something like that (after years and years of practice and improved quilting skills).

Fast forward to last month.  One of my coworkers, M, does carpentry as a hobby.  He says it relaxes him, much as my quilting does for me.  He made a table for another coworker and he was planning to make a big chest for a third coworker to use as a coffee table or something.  She’s moving at some point and he decided to wait until she moves to make it.  In the meantime, M decided to make me a chest, too, something I could store my quilts in.  How could I say no?  I told him I’d make him a quilt as a thank you.

I told Z about M’s offer.  Z is normally interested in my quilts because it’s my hobby, but he doesn’t get excited about them.  He admires them and he really likes the quilt I made him, but it’s a passive kind of thing.  He’s not involved.  However, he got very excited about the quilt for M.  Z knows that M looks out for me at work. (M and I joke that he’s my mentor, but it’s actually pretty true.)  Z is a little protective of me and he appreciates people who look out for me, plus he really respects M.  Z never ever makes design suggestions but suddenly he was throwing out ideas.  Since he was so interested, I let him help me pick the design.  I asked M what colors he likes and he said “blue and white, or beige.”  Blue and white has a more visual impact and I was thinking of doing one of the quilts in my lone star quilt book – I thought a big star quilt in blue and white would look great.  Z didn’t love the patterns, though.  I finally showed him the picture of the quilt I’d seen at the quilt show and he loved it.

After some internet research, I figured out that it was called a Hunter’s Star pattern.  I also figured out that it was much more complicated than one of the lone star patterns.  (Moral of the story: Let a non-quilter choose your quilt pattern at your own risk!)  I had leftover white fabric from R and M’s engagement quilt (white on white with a star print) and I went to my local quilt store to buy navy fabric.  (It was $15 a yard!  I’m never going there again.  From now on, I shop online or buy when vendors come to my guild meeting.)  I found this tutorial from Cascade Quilts in my Googling, and I relied on it heavily:

Hunter’s Star quilts are much more complicated than what I’m used to.  M finished the chest before I’d even finished cutting all of my fabric.  Look how gorgeous it is:

M put cedar inside, so everything smells lovely.

I don’t have any quilts to put in the chest, so instead I’m putting my linens in it.  I have a linen chest now!  How fancy is that?  (I live in a rather small city apartment – I’ve mentioned that before – and there is no linen closet.  Each bedroom has one tiny closet and the landlord built a small coat closet when we moved in.)  I filled the rest of the chest with all of the leftover batting pieces I had stored in the apartment.

I took the opportunity to reorganize my stuff a little bit once I filled the chest, and I’m making a lot of progress.  I wish I were more organized.  Thankfully J (my roommate) is very patient with my mess.  (She told me I’m better than I was in my old apartment, when I was living by myself, which is sadly true.)  I’m working on it!

This is such a long post already that I’m going to wait until next week to post about the quilt itself.  It is decidedly still in progress.  It felt like it took forever just to get all the pieces together, although in my defense I was working on a second quilt at the same time (and not in my defense, I definitely made a mathematical mistake – it wouldn’t be a rozsamaria quilt without a math issue, right?).

Next week (and probably the week after – and maybe the week after that, since I’m going to piece the back) will cover the piecing.  I won’t be able to assemble the quilt until Easter, because I need to do it at my parents’ house, so after I’ve finished blogging about the piecing I’ll switch and blog about the quilt I’m making for myself.


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