Hunter’s Star Quilt – Part II

As I mentioned last week, I used this tutorial to put my Hunter’s Star quilt together:  I found it to be really helpful.

I spent what felt like weeks and weeks (I think it was three weeks) cutting the pieces and sewing sections of the blocks.  I was planning to make 25 blocks in a five by five layout.  For that, I needed to cut 75 white squares and 75 blue squares, 150 squares total.  I believe, based on the weird surplus of pieces I ended up with later, that I doubled this and cut 150 of each color.

The instructions in the tutorial said to starch the fabrics before cutting them, but I misread that and cut my squares and then starched them.  I have never worked with starch before and I don’t like it.  I did my best to follow the instructions on the can but I may have done it wrong.  It made my iron sticky and I just didn’t like it.  I don’t plan to work with starch again if I can help it.

Here are a couple of pictures of ironing with starch.  Look at the all the residue on my iron!

The instructions said to take two out of every three squares, and set the third one aside.  I did that, and then I took my two-thirds pile and I stacked the squares in pairs: one blue and one white square each, wrong sides out.  I sewed around all four sides of each pair.  It feels weird to do that, instead of doing just one edge.

The next step was by far the most time consuming.  (Bear in mind, again, that I had done my math wrong and ended up with far more pieces than I should have, so I spent a lot more time doing this than anyone following the directions properly.)  I took my sewn-together squares and I cut them on the diagonal into four parts, using a ruler and my rotary cutter.  Then, I ironed them open, so I had small squares comprised of half square triangles. The squares were all approximately three inches square but not exactly so, and the instructions said to trim them all to 2 and 3/4″.  I thought this whole step (I guess it was really three steps) took forever.

Next week: the piecing!


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