Quilt retreat!

You get a two-fer of posts today!  I went on a quilt retreat with my mom this past weekend and I spent an extra day at my parents’ house (for both quilting and logistical purposes).  We had a blast.  We were one of three mother-daughter pairs on the retreat, believe it or not.  My mom learned how to quilt from a group of really talented women – they even taught us both how to bind.  I had never bothered to learn, but now I’m going to try it on a small project.  I think I get how to do the corners, but I’ll be honest, I’m going to look for shortcuts on how to finish the binding.  It seems really complicated.  It also seems like it’ll take a lot longer, but it does look so much nicer.  My mom has already announced that we’re going to go to the quilt retreat next year.  Yay!  I suspect she’ll turn out to be a better quilter than I am, should she make it her hobby.  She’s much more conscientious than I am.

At some point I’ll be posting about the projects I worked on.  I didn’t take the Hunter’s Star quilt because it wasn’t as far along as the quilt I’m making for myself.  That’s put together now and ready for machine quilting, which I’ll be starting soon – possibly this weekend.  I’m not planning to hand quilt it, so it’s basically almost done and I’d like to have it finished, but at the same time I don’t want to dawdle on M’s quilt.  I feel like I should finish the gift for him instead of focusing on something for myself.  (But I’m so close!  And if I finish it while it’s still kind of cold out it might be useful, you know?)

I also owe an apology to my local quilt shop – I talked to the ladies at the retreat, some of whom go to the quilt shop a lot, and they said I must have accidentally bought special sashiko fabric.  Apparently sashiko fabric is really expensive, but it must not have been marked as such, so I didn’t realize that.  Now I feel a lot better and I can go back to the quilt shop again.  I slandered them unfairly.

Anyway, the quilt retreat was wonderful.  Now I know more people at my guild, and I spent a really nice weekend bonding with my mom.  I learned some new skills and new tricks that will certainly feature in future projects and future posts.  Here’s to fellowship and quilting!



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