Hunter’s Star Quilt – Part III

Finally, I was ready for the actual piecing!

Each block has one blue square and one white square (the ones I’d set aside – what felt like weeks earlier) and eight half square triangles.  They have to be arranged in a specific layout – they reflect each other.  They look like arrow shafts to me (maybe that’s why it’s called a Hunter’s Star pattern, but probably not).  I found that even with a visual to reference I got mixed up with the layout, so I’d advise anyone trying it to check and double check your layout before you sew.  I only had to rip out a couple of small seams.

As I mentioned last week, I used this tutorial to put my Hunter’s Star quilt together:  I found it to be really helpful.

I did the half square triangle subsections first. Toward the end, I figured out that it worked best if I laid them out in piles exactly as I was going to sew them, instead of picking two up and trying to match them the way I wanted.  If I laid them out in piles and counted as I did so, I could also guarantee that I was sewing the right number in the right layout.

Once I had all of my subsections sewn and ironed, I put them together with the solid squares.

I sewed the two halves together:

I completed 25 blocks and I had a ton of leftover pieces, including a lot of leftover half square triangles.  I measured my blocks and estimated that they would come out to about 8.5″ each once sewn together, which was also smaller than one I wanted.  I decided to make another 11 blocks so I’d have a six-by-six layout.  That last part went quickly.

I sewed my blocks into rows of six and then sewed the rows together.  I’d laid them out on my couch first to make sure I had them arranged properly.  I was careful not to let them get out of order.

It looks great, right?  J told me it’s her favorite of anything I’ve ever made.

I still have to figure out a border and piece a back for it.

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